Welcome to my writing page. On this page you can find updates on my current writing projects as well as links to some of my published stories.



You can check out the first three chapters of currently published novels by clicking on the covers below:

John Dolion is a marketing genius. A young executive who has risen through the ranks to VP Marketing for one of the largest mobile phone companies in the world. The problem is the mobile handset market is at saturation, the market is mature, sales are flat, and the beleaguered company is in trouble. But JD has a plan.

Jessica Bain is a young San Francisco detective struggling to forge a career while balancing life as a solo mother to a teenage son. She’s frustrated by being constantly relegated to investigating cold cases and missing persons’ files.  Cases deemed by her colleagues to need ‘a woman’s sensitivity.’  That is until a string of teenagers begin to go missing with one troubling thing in common – their mobile phones.

As the abductions increase their two very different lives are set to collide. 

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Paul Abrams, has the perfect family; loving wife, beautiful children, and is about to get the dream promotion he’s been striving toward for years. Life is perfect.

All that is about to change.

When Paul is involved in a hit and run accident, he is forced to recover at home. Now an unemployed invalid with no money coming in while he recovers, he is forced to see things differently and comes to realize his family aren’t as perfect as he thought.

His wife Gina is having an affair with the local real estate agent, his Grade ‘A’ student son Alex is a career drug dealer, and his sweet but naïve daughter is about to run away from home to be with her online boyfriend. On top of this, upon hearing of his plight, Paul’s freeloading brother and his vacuous girlfriend move in to ‘help’, along with his senile elderly father…who may not be so senile after all.

As everything descends into chaos around him Paul reassesses what he wants from his life in the first place.

Will he be able to bring his dysfunctional family back together the way he once thought? Does he even want to anymore? Or perhaps along the way he may just discover true love.

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Daniel Messenger is returning from holiday to begin his tenure as Press Secretary to the incoming President-Elect. After a chance encounter he finds himself in possession of a mysterious crystal. Could this be the cornerstone to a centuries old prophecy with the potential to unlocking the greatest power source on Earth? Whatever it was, someone wanted it back – badly enough to kill for it.

To avoid a global catastrophe, Dan alone must return the crystal to where it came from – deep under the Arctic ice.

Thrust into an unlikely fellowship, navigating between the CIA, MOSSAD and the Italian Mafia, who can he trust? Dan alone must unravel the shadowy struggle for power that lies hidden from the public…but the clock is ticking.

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Short Stories

Every year for the last few years I have entered, (along with thousands of other writers around the world), NYC Midnight’s Short Story Competition. I first started with this series of writing contests shortly after I published my first novel Gabriel’s Trumpet.

While it may seem like a bit of a counter-intuitive distraction to enter a number of short story contests while I am already struggling to finish a number of longer works in progress, I like these contests in particular because they challenge authors to write in a genre which they may not be familiar with.  Not only has this helped me to experiment with voice as I have tried different genres in my novels to date, but it has helped my writing generally.


NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Competition 2020

In the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction competition writers are challenged to write a Flash Fiction story (1000 words max) in 48 hours based on a randomly assigned genre, location, and object.

My entries to this years’ competition are below:   

Round 2: August 28-30, 2020

Genre: Crime Caper

Location: A sandcastle

Object: A bicycle

The Great Ice-Cream Heist


NYC Midnight Micro Fiction Competition 2020

This contest is similar to NYC Midnight’s Short Story Competition, however in this contest writers are challenged to write a very short piece of Micro Fiction in just 24 hours, based on a randomly assigned genre, action, and specific word (which must appear at some point in the story). 

The challenge here is to write a complete (and coherent) story in 24 hours using just 100 words. This is indeed a challenge for someone like me (I never could say anything in 25 words or less), but has helped me enormously to focus even in my longer works of fiction. My entries to this years’ competition are below:    


Round 1: May 8-9, 2019

Genre: Horror

Action: Doing Laundry

Word: active

Hung Out to Dry


There is also a slightly longer 250 word version of this contest. In 2020 my entries for the 250 word version were:


Round 1: November 20-21

Genre: Ghost Story

Action: Playing a card game

Word: Return

The Reading

Round 2: January 16-17 2021

Genre: Action/Adventure 

Action: Falling into a river

Word: Season

Road Runner


NYC Midnight Short Story Competition 2020

In this competition, writers are challenged to write an original short story based on a randomly assigned genre, subject, and character. My entries for this years’ competitions are below:

Round 1:  January 17-25, 2020

Genre: Fairytale

Subject: Fearless

Character: A foster parent

Interview with a Former Princess     



I have published some of my favorite entries from NYC Midnight’s series of competitions on Wattpad.  You can check out my Wattpad page here:

Or you can select a specific story by clicking on the cover images below:

This story won my heat in Round 1 of the NYC Midnight Short Story Competition 2017.

Genre: Suspense

Subject: Addiction

Character: A gang member








This story placed 3rd in Round 1 NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Competition 2018

Genre: Crime Caper

Location: A gun shop

Object: A disco ball

Furious Fiction

Furious Fiction is a monthly flash fiction contest run by the Australian Writers Centre and open to entries worldwide. In this competition writers are given 55 hours to write a story in no more than 500 words and including a set of assigned words and/or prompts. My story ‘Castaway’ made the long list for April 2020 from around 1700 entries. For this story the assigned criteria were:


  • Each story had to begin on the side of a road.
  • Each story must include the words APRON, PIGMENT, RIBBON, ICON, LEMON
  • Each story had to include a splash.