Running Days

Or – the older I get, the better I was.

Throughout my teenage years and into my twenties running played a significant part in my life.  It shaped my attitude to a number of adverse situations I have faced since and I met some lifelong friends along the way (including my wife).

I still like to get out for a run whenever I can (usually in the pre-dawn mornings), though the focus is now much more around maintaining my physical and mental health rather than training to race.

Below is a list of my lifetime best achievements as well as a gallery of some of my favorite photos from when I was racing (there’s not a huge selection as, to be honest, most of my running career was pre-the digital camera era).  


Personal Bests:

Distance      Time:     Date:

100m                                12.54         29/10/87

200m                                23.77         11/02/92

400m                                52.45         29/01/92

800m                              1:54.49       20/02/93

1,000m                           2.34            27/02/93

1500m                            3:54.71       26/01/91

1 Mile                              4:19             ??/??/??

3,000m                           8:34.69        23/01/93

5,000m                          15:06.94       11/11/89

10,000m                        30:48           ??/09/94

Half Marathon             1:13.14        03/10/93

Noteworthy Achievements:

NZ Secondary Schools X-County

    • 1985 (Levin) – 7th
    • 1986 (Nelson) – 4th

Wellington 5000m Champion (U20) 1989, 1991

Records still held:

Wellington Bays Relay Lap 4 – Scorching Bay to Shelley Bay (4km) 11:58 (1990)


North Island X-Country Championships 1995


                Masterton Half-Marathon 1993

800m Wellington 1991

1500m Wellington 1993

North Island x-Country Championships 1993

Wellington Cross Country Championships Masterton 1990



800m Wellington 1993


Wellington Cross Country Championships 1993